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Safe, Warm & Secure


The journey is as important as the destination.


Today Compass Homes gives you the safe, warm and secure home you are looking for.



Your journey begins with us listening to you and working with our expert team of designers, engineers and project managers. Together we consider your requirements such as the size and configuration, building site orientation, budget and your personal style.


Compass Homes has over 70 house plans to start from. Next, we guide you through initial plan selection and then modify the plan to meet your exact requirements. We bring the best materials, people and building technology together to build your new home efficiently and on time.


Compass Homes uses innovative technology to give you the latest project updates via our online project delivery tool. You will always know where you are on the journey to the completion of your new home.

Your Choices On The Journey

Our aim is to provide our clients top quality, affordable homes using proven design techniques with cost saving and innovative construction.


We have introduced simplicity and cost effectiveness into our design and build process ensuring that Compass Homes delivers outstanding value and quality for a price you can afford.


+ Thoughtful construction of homes maximises all day natural light +


+ A complete understanding of what is important in crafting the perfect home +


+ Complete packages keep costs and stress low,  ensuring great value for money +


Ready to get started building your dream home?


Browse our extensive range of plans or contact us to create your own personalised plan.


Exceptional House Plans
and Value Engineering

Compass Homes have over 70 home designs to start your design journey.


We offer complete custom packages to take the pressure off building a new home, so you can enjoy peace of mind.


Our staff are passionate about what they do, and pride themselves on creating strong relationships with our customers to ensure their dreams are achieved.



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